Sunday, March 18, 2007

Analysis of Remote File Inclusion Attempts

This is an analysis from SANS diary about Remote File Inclusion attempt:

Remote file inclusion is one of the latest and popular attack technique used by an attacker to attack a website from a remote computer. If your server are vulnerable to web applications that allow an attacker to execute remote file inclusion, it's very easy for attacker take over your server remotely .

PHP application is one of the applications that always vulnerable which allow an attacker to execute remote file inclusion to website. The reason of this PHP issue are:
  • Insufficient validation of user input prior to dynamic file system calls, such as require or include or fopen()
  • allow_url_fopen and PHP wrappers allow this behavior by default, which is unnecessary for most applications
  • Poor permissions and planning by many hosters allowing excessive default privileges and wide ranging access to what should be off limits areas.
If you want to find more information about PHP remote code execution, you can refer to this:


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