Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sguil Problem

Today, I got problem with my Sguil machine. When I want to run Sguil script, i got this error, "Table `event` is marked as crashed and should be repaired".

I checked the error message with dmesg to find out the problem:

After that, I'm trying to restart sguild script, but I got same error. At the same time, I remember TaoSecurity posting about MYSQL problem. I try to search from TaoSecurity blog and I found this link:

I run this mysqlcheck command like this:
izhar/root #mysqlcheck -r sguildb -p
Enter password

After running mysqlcheck, I try to start sguild script again, but it still not working. I reboot my FreeBSD 6.1. and go to maintenance mode. I run fsck command to check file system consistency and interactively repairs the file system:

After running fsck command, i reboot my Sguil machine and trying to run again my Sguil. Everything work without any errors. So I can used back my Sguil machine.

Conclusion: Shutdown your Sguil machine properly. Hehehe, yesterday I forgot to shutdown it and immediately closed my VMware Sguil without shutdown it.

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