Monday, August 31, 2009

Indonesian Hackers Launch Independence Day Attack on Malaysian Web Sites

A ring of Indonesian hackers on Monday claimed to have attacked a list of more than 120 Web sites as retribution for Malaysia’s alleged theft of Indonesian cultural items and abuse of migrant workers.

A statement was posted on a Blogspot blog titled "Terselubung" saying that a number of Malaysian Web sites had been hacked and defaced to “celebrate” Malaysia’s Independence Day, which fell on Monday August 31.

“Today, August 31, 2009, an uncreative country, a country who likes to steal Indonesian culture, a country whose citizen is the mastermind of bombings in Indonesia, a country who has tortured many of our sisters — the migrant workers who worked there, a country who abused our national anthem, a country who harassed Indonesia on the Internet, a country that has stolen Sipadan and Ligitan islands, a country which has trespassed our water illegally, a country which received their independence from Britain, is celebrating its anniversary,” the Web site stated.

From HITB website

If you want to see original article from Terselubung blog is here:

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