Saturday, October 24, 2009

FTK 3.0 Forensic Toolkit

FTK 3.0 delivers on a number of advanced capabilities, including greatly enhanced analytics, remote device acquisition and expanded reporting options. GUI speeds and processing time have also been dramatically improved.

Reengineered for Improved Performance:
* UI Performance: The FTK GUI is 10 times more responsive across the board, even on machines with only 4GB of RAM.
* Indexing: Indexes quickly and search results populate fast, even with large result sets.
* Distributed Processing: Every copy of FTK 3 comes with 4 workers, allowing you to leverage CPU resources from up to 4 computers (3 distributed workers and 1 worker on the main FTK examiner system).

Compelling New Capabilities:
* RAM Analysis: Enumerate all running processes from 32-bit machines, search memory strings, and process RAM captures for passwords, html pages, lnk files and MS Office documents.
* Mac Analysis: Many new capabilities, such as processing B-Trees attributes for metadata, decrypting Sparse Images or Sparse Bundles, PLIST support, SQLite support and more.
* Pornographic Image Identification: Enables the automated detection and identification of pornographic images by analyzing visual features in the image to assess its actual visual content.

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