Friday, December 04, 2009

GreenSQL- Free database firewall protects PostgreSQL and MySQL

GreenSQL is an Open Source database firewall used to protect databases from SQL injection attacks. GreenSQL works as a proxy for SQL commands and has built in support for MySQL & PostgreSQL . The logic is based on evaluation of SQL commands using a risk scoring matrix as well as blocking known db administrative commands (DROP, CREATE, etc). GreenSQL is distributed under the GPL license.

You can download it here

GreenSQL works as a reverse proxy for MySQL connections. This means, that instead of connecting TO THE MySQL server, your applications will connect to THE GreenSQL server. GreenSQL will analyze SQL queries and then, if they're safe, will forward them to the back-end MySQL server.

The following picture describes the whole process:

As you can see, GreenSQL calls the real database server to execute SQL commands and the web application connects to the GreenSQL server as if it were a real database server.

GreenSQL can be installed together with the database server on the same computer or it can use a distinct server. By default GreenSQL listens on local port redirecting SQL requests to (the default MySQL setting). These settings can be altered using the GreenSQL Console.

For more details, please refer to GreenSQL website:


Tokwear said...

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Yer ker Tokwear? Kawe tok try agi Tool tgk diagram bottleneck ah...berlapis2 firewall...hahahaa

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