Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to unwrap PL/SQL

The Oracle wrap utility can be used to obfuscate PL/SQL code, to ensure it can't be easily read. The wrapping process for Oracle 9g described by Pete Finnigan, but for 10g and 11g it still remains a bit of a mystery.
To see pdf file about How to Unwrap PL/SQL, see the link below:

The unwrapping steps for 10g are nicely described in the Oracle Hacker's Handbook, but the actual substitution table needed to decode the package is omitted. A lot of people seem to know how to do it though, there is even an online unwrapper available. See the link below:
A Russian-made closed source tool is also available, but tends to upset virus scanners.To download, please click the link below:

For more details, please refer here:

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