Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emergency Message to all Inj3ct0r Users

Dear Inj3ct0r users =]

Inj3ct0r blocked the domain again. =\
Nothing! Inj3ct0r Team will live forever. Our new domain : http://www.1337day.com/
Official sources with Inj3ct0r.com is:

if the domain is unavailable, Inj3ct0r project is available at

Unavailable :
inj3ct0r.com , inj3ct0r.org , inj3ct0r.net , 0xr00t.com , 0x0day.com, 1337db.com

Help us financially. We will be very happy.
As more domains will be closed the more we'll register ;)
Please distribute this message on their blogs!
Underground h4x0r forever!

# 1337day.com [2011-02-21]

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