Thursday, December 20, 2012

Log Analyzer 3.6.0 - Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Log Analyzer 3.6.0 - Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability




Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

LogAnalyzer is part of Adiscon`s MonitorWare line of monitoring applications. It runs both under Windows and Unix/Linux.
The database can be populated by MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog or EventReporter on the Windows side and by rsyslog on
the Unix/Linux side. LogAnalyzer itself is free, GPLed software (as are some other members of the product line).

(Copy of the Vendor Homepage: )

An independent vulnerability laboratory researcher discovered a cross site scripting vulnerability in the log analyzer v3.6.0 web application.

2012-12-20:    Public or Non-Public Disclosure




A client side cross-site scripting vulnerability is detected in the LogAnalyzer 3.6.0 web application.
The vulnerability allows an remote attacker with high required user interaction to force client side xss requests.

The vulnerability is located in the asktheoracle.php file with the bound vulnerable oracle_query parameter request.
An attackers can force client side requests to execute arbitrary script code by using the oracle_query parameter.

Successful exploitation of the vulnerability results in client side execution of inject script, client side phishing,
client side module context manipulation and evil unautorized external redirects.

Vulnerable File(s):
                [+] asktheoracle.php

Vulnerable Parameter(s):
                [+] oracle_query

Proof of Concept:
The client side cross site scripting vulnerability can be exploited by remote attackers with medium or high required user interaction
and without privileged application user account.[CLIENT SIDE SCRIPT CODE!]

Note: The 'oracle_query' parameter didn't sanitize properly for asktheoracle.php page.

Upgrade to the latest version of Log Analyzer 3.6.1

The security risk of the client side cross site scripting web vulnerability is estimated as low(+)

Mohd Izhar Ali - []

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